Ever After Royal Portrait Contest — and a chance to win a new camera!

Bubba family portrait



Congratulations to

Lorie Wright Denton! 

 She has won a new camera and an Ever After book!

 Lorie won our third Fairy Tale Letdown contest by posting this photo adding: “Epic photo fail of the ‘perfect’ family beach pic.”

Thank you to everyone who sent
in pictures. You can see the other
top finalists’ pictures in the Fairy Tale Letdown album on

We had planned a summer trip in 2004 to a beautiful white sand beach in Florida and I was determined to get my first-ever family beach picture. I announced to my family on our last day at the beach that we were going to get a family picture that evening before dinner. The announcement was met with a chorus of enthusiastic smiles, high fives, and head nods. Nope. As you will see in the picture, my family refused to cooperate with the all white wardrobe stipulation, opting instead for a more light Goth-look.

I was desperate to get my beach picture, so I bit my lip and we headed down to the beach. I knew I had about ninety seconds to pull this off before the natives (a.k.a. my sons) got restless and began to suffer withdrawals from their air-conditioned condo. I quickly approached a stranger and asked him to snap few pictures.

It wasn’t until I got home from the trip that I noticed the sunburnt Bubba in the background holding a beer koozie and doing a howdy-doody wave. As luck would have it, this particular shot was the only picture where every member of our family had their eyes open. I had no choice – Bubba had to stay.  Look, if anyone was going to look a bit crazed and off in the picture, I’d rather it be Bubba than one of the Courtneys. Of course, this was before digital editing, so I didn’t have the option of airbrushing Bubba out.

There’s no such thing as perfect families with perfect smiles who live perfect lives. There’s always a Bubba lurking somewhere behind the scenes to pull back the curtain and expose us for who we really are. So the next time you receive a Christmas letter along with a picture that looks like a photo shoot for a catalog, remember it is only one of many snapshots in the family’s life.

What about you? What’s lurking in that family photo album that makes you shake your head and wonder, “What was I thinking?!” Dare to share and you might get a second chance to capture a smiling, eyes open, no one is pinching a sibling, family moment with your own brand new camera!

By sharing your picture with us via Twitter, Instagram or Email, you will enter our contest for a chance to win a free camera and my new Ever After book! See below for the specifics on how to enter.

FIRST PLACE WINNER: We will send you a brand new camera and an Ever After book.

REMAINING FOUR FINALISTS: We will mail a copy of Vick’s latest book: Ever After: Life Lessons Learned in My Castle of Chaos.

– You can enter the contest by posting a photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #FairyTaleLetdown or you can email your picture by clicking here. If you enter by posting to Instagram or Twitter, please make sure that your photo is not private so we can see it. All photos must be posted by by Thursday at 5 pm CST the week of the contest to qualify.

– Our staff will select the top 5 pictures and notify the finalists.

– We will post the 5 finalists’ pictures onto Vicki’s Facebook Author Page on Friday morning and let you decide the winner by “liking” your favorite photo.  (You need to have “liked” Vicki’s Facebook page in order to be able to vote.) Voting ends at 10:00pm CST on Sunday.

– Monday morning following the contest we will announce the winner right here on the blog.

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We can’t wait to see all the photos!


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    I have a few of these photos. But I always look back and think what was I doing to my hair. My husband loves to look at family photo albums to flash through the hair styles. Memories!

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