Born to worship?

Precious. Uncle Hayden (my youngest son) playing the guitar for my grandson, Walker. I believe we would classify his dance moves as “lightly charismatic” or “borderline Baptist-friendly.” Except for the part where he isn’t wearing a shirt, pants, or shoes. We’ll have to work on that…


  1. Cathy Brown says

    Wasn’t it just a month or so a go you shared you were going to become a grandparent? (just kidding, although it seems like it was only that long) But did you ever think back then just how much joy that grandbaby would bring to your entire family? God brought him into this world for a reason and aren’t you glad He’s given you a front row seat to experience it all?

    Hopefully one day I’ll be able to come hear you speak at a conference. In the meantime, Thanks for sharing . . . everything.

  2. serena coutler says

    I can’t believe this sweet baby boy is walking already!! I think of y’all often and sweet Walker and his parents and even though I don’t know you personally I feel like I do…weird sudo world of the internet :) I wanted to let you know that through Walker’s unexpected entry God has brought me peace and hope. I have spent a lot of parenting years worrying and hoping that my kids would not make catastrophic (in my mind) mistakes in their life. BUT…God has used your story to reassure my heart that no matter what sin or wrong turn their lives make take God is strong enough to use it for his glory! I am grateful for your transparency and that of your family as well for because of it I know God has brought healing, peace and hope to not only me, but countless others.

  3. Mom-of-Twin-Teens says

    Vicki ~ Absolutely DARLING video. I loved it! Your blog is always so inspiring and simply full of smiles. My twin daughters and I shared in your Mother-Daughter weekend in the fall of 2011. We live in Oklahoma, but drove to Texas to be a part of such a memorable conference. I’ve told all my mom friends about you and send out links to your books and magazines to encourage moms of teen gals to read them. My girls LOVE your cute magazines. You have quite a fan base here in Oklahoma! Thank you for helping me raise Godly girls! I can’t wait for them to see this video of Walker and his swagger rhythm! Bless you!

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