I’m making up with Pinterest

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Like many of you, I LOVE seeing the never-ending ideas and inspirations for home decor, fashion, cooking, and anything else you can possibly imagine. And yes, I have pinboards for all of the above…and more. But at the same time, I HATE it because I often log off hating my house, wanting a new wardrobe, and hungry for all the recipes I just pinned. And people, I don’t even cook! (Which is why I named my recipe pinboard “If I were to cook…”)

For that reason, I decided to take a little break from Pinterest a few months ago. I guess you could say I’ve been in Pinterest rehab. This is where you log off of Pinterest for an undetermined amount of time for a much needed time of healing. And I’m not just talking about emotional healing. This also allowed my fingertips to heal from the glue-gun burns I suffered while attempting to make many of the cute Pinterest crafts I had pinned to my craft pinboard. Like for example, the Christmas wreath I made last year that by the time I finished, looked nothing like the original wreath I had pinned on my board and ended up costing more than had I just bought the dang thing in a store. Yeah, that one.

But alas, my love affair with Pinterest runs deep and I just couldn’t stay away. Within moments of logging back onto Pinterest after a three month hiatus, I spotted a Christmas craft I just couldn’t resist. (Uh, I believe we refer to this as “falling off the Pinterest wagon.”) Someone pinned a picture of Christmas ornaments that were miniature versions of past Christmas card pictures. I have an album of my Christmas card pictures beginning in 1988 when my oldest (now 24) was only six months old, so this was right up my alley. I started with my Christmas card from this year, scanned it and then reduced it in iPhoto to 2×3 inches to fit in the small plastic photo frame (available at any craft store). I printed it out on heavy card stock (photo paper will also work), fired up the glue gun and voila, here is a close-up of the finished product:

One down and only 24 more to go! Woo-hoo! But then I got an idea to do the same thing to a wedding invitation I recently received. I will put it on top of the wedding gift and voila, the happy couple will have a miniature replica of their wedding invitation to hang on their tree each year. Here is a close-up of the wedding invitation:

So, I’m happy to announce that Pinterest and I have made up. We’re an item again. Until of course, I finish the remaining 24 miniature ornaments of past Christmas pictures, my own wedding invitation, my daughter’s wedding invitation, my daughter-in-law’s wedding invitation, my two oldest children’s college diplomas, my grandson’s artwork… Ugh. (Someone, please send help!) Back to rehab I go. Such is the life of a Pinterest junkie.


  1. Mewaw & Poppy says

    What a creative girl!! Looking forward to seeing your tree!! Love ya!

  2. Sarah says

    I love this! I think I’m going to try to do this over the next year.

  3. pammy says

    This Pinterest phenomenon just reiterates that females, created in God’s image, were made with a creative streak! I don’t consider myself “creative” in the arts & crafts area, but I too love looking at Pinterest and marveling at others’ ingenuity. We were made to create, and enjoy it! A college prof once told our theatre appreciation class, “Man comes closest to God when he himself is creator.” As a mother, I couldn’t agree more.

  4. Kristi S says

    Love that idea! Makes me want to follow you on Pinterest. Hey, I have over 400 recipes I pinned and only have made maybe 5! Pinterest in moderation, I say! :)

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