Friday Free Day!

UPDATE: We have a winner! Congratulations to Andrea (email: andrealj). Shawna will contact you to get your address. Thanks to all who entered and commented!

Vicki Courtney Ministries is starting something new! On certain Fridays, we will give away a fun freebie to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter friends to show our appreciation for your support! For our first Friday Free Day, LifeWay has generously donated two tickets to the Dallas/Frisco area dotMOM event on Feb. 22-23, 2013 ($138 value)! To enter, post a comment in the comment section telling us about a creative or interesting stocking stuffer you have given or received. If you can’t think of one, just toss out your favorite Christmas tradition. No one is grading these answers, I promise! The winner of the two tickets will be drawn one week from today.

Whether you win or not, we’d love to see you at this event designed to speak directly into the hearts of moms with encouragement and empathy. It’s a great road trip for you and your friends and would make a great Christmas present from your family (hint, hint). Hope to see you all there.


  1. Elizabeth Smith says

    Every Christmas eve we get to open one gift…Christmas pajamas. Then we snuggle on the sofa and read aloud the story of the first Christmas.

  2. mimi says

    On Thanksgiving day our immediate, dad and three children gather together and draw one name to give a Christmas gift to. There are no other gifts….you can only give a gift to the person you choose. There is no price limit. It has made our gift giving so special and to my surprise my children love it the most!! There may not be many presents under our tree but each is loaded with love and thoughfulness!

  3. Andrea says

    My family would always get together to eat and exchange gift. We would always sing Christmas songs together and my father would read the real Christmas story. Three years ago we started inviting friends, extended family, and neighbors. We have table set up for making gingerbread houses, cookie decorating, and crafts for the children. It is a great time of fellowship celebrating Christ’s love!

  4. Wendi Junod says

    My favorite stocking stuffer to give or receive is a magazine subscription! Cooking magazines, Real Simple or Southern Living!

  5. Sarah says

    My favorite Christmas tradition is acting out the Christmas story each year with all of the cousins.

  6. Bethany Tanner says

    My husband and I also have our stockings filled from Santa. One year he got a rubber chicken with a Plucker’s gift card tied to it. This is our favorite wing restaurant to eat at:)

  7. Jana says

    The funniest one is what my hubs gets every year at his Mom’s house is socks. Socks in a Christmas stocking… and we know it is coming, and yet it is still funny to us all.

    Please pick me! I wanna go!!

  8. Veronica says

    Starting Christmas late…my husband had to leave for 3 weeks for military training. My daugther insisted that we wait on him before putting the Christmas tree up.
    He is back, and we put the tree up this weekend. Her birthday was also yesterday. What a way to start our Christmas!

  9. Kari Schmitt says

    My favorite tradition is Christmas pajamas for the whole family!

  10. Pauline says

    Our tradition for stockings is that we do fruit and a McD’s gift card for $5. Seems like the two cancel each other out! :)

  11. Missy says

    Our traditional stocking stuffer was an apple and an orange. I was in high school before I asked my mom the meaning behind the tradition. Her response: “To take up room in the toe so I don’t have to buy as many things for it.” I’m now waiting for the day my kids ask the same question to see if their faces look like what mine must have!

  12. Stephanie says

    I can’t remember the best stocking gift, but for those families that have elves or “elf on the shelf” visit their homes (or both) will like this creativity! The elves were caught zip lining from the ceiling fan to my favorite lamp! There was a minor accident when my oldest daughter, who ironically gave the elves the zip lining idea, smacked into the line sending my favorite lamp to the floor! The lamp & all elves are okay.

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