Happy 1st Birthday to Walker!

It’s hard to believe one year has gone by. You know all that stuff people say about how great it is to be a grandmother? Yep, it’s true. Every bit of it.

For his birthday, we (Mimi and Pop) got Walker these sweet cowboy boots. They do seem to clash a bit with the monster romper. Fortunately, his Uncle Hayden got him some tiny Wranglers.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t all together thrilled about wearing the boots. We’ll have to work on that if he’s going to be a true Texan. Boots aren’t optional around here.

For Thanksgiving, the whole Courtney clan is headed to my in-laws ranch in East Texas, so those boots will come in handy. Oh, and I forgot to mention, our boy just started walking! Here’s a clip of his priceless first steps taken just last week:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!


  1. says

    Precious steps, nd just as sweet is the parent’s excitement. Love those “firsts:… I know you have lots to be thankful for this year!

  2. Nicole says

    LOVE the boots. My parents got my guys those when they were that age too and they are now in their keepsake boxes. Don’t think it will be long til he” WON’T” take them off. Too cute! Enjoy!!!

  3. Rogena says

    Hi Vicki…as a parent those first steps are a wonderful, but as a grandparent I’m sure it is a memorable and remarkable event! Blessings to all and thanks for sharing your most precious events with little Walker.

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