I couldn’t have said it better myself…

Source: etsy.com via Vicki on Pinterest


I found this quote while surfing around on Pinterest and thought it was worthy of sharing. I pinned it to my Pinterest board with the caption, “Should be posted in every home with kids.” (Sorry to the non-Pintys who are struggling w/ the Pinterest lingo!) In a culture where so many parents appear to be more concerned with being their child’s friend than their parent, I found it refreshing. :)


  1. Kristy_mommy says

    I LOVE THIS ONE! I would hang it on my wall for sure. Someone make this and sell it at Hobby Lobby. Thanks for sharing Vicki!

  2. Becktina says

    thats cute and funny, but i dont really like the part where it says stalking. it just reminds me of those weird, control freak parents..

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